Online Bingo Sites

Why Bingo made it to the online world
Bingo is a popular pastime among the elderly and women. No pun intended. These ´groups´ just like the game, because it is easy to comprehend, and you can still chat and communicate with other players while playing this game. It is, above all, a game with much social interaction and a high level of entertainment. That´s why you´ll find in every self-respecting city or village a bingo hall. A bingo hall where every evening huge crowds gather in expectation of the game and of the hosts of the evening. Why would these people start to play online?

Well, the answer is in the last sentences of the preceding paragraph. For playing bingo you have to be in a bingo hall. And you’re limited to a local hall nearby, if you even get there. So there is not much to choose from and the availability of games is not optimal either. That’s why an online bingo hall is such a preferred alternative. In these online bingo halls you’ll find the best games, the nicest bingo cards and many options that help you to be maximize your bingo experience. Even better; you sometimes are entitled to nice promotions and other extras

What this website is about
First of all, this website is about online bingo halls and not online casino games. We offer a concise, relevant and up-to-date overview of what a range of different halls have to offer. There is a reason for this overview: over the years, the offer of bingo halls grow crooked. This implies that there is a whole set of suppliers, merchants and other websites that do not offer the game in a way it should be offered. With our knowledge of this market and our vision on how a good bingo hall should function (more on that later on this page) we found it our duty to share this with a broader audience.

Hence, this website about bingo sites came into existence. We’ve been able to split up the topics on this website in two different categories. First, we are about to discuss how payment methods and the banking options help to address certain issues regarding safety, accessibility and security. We do this on this page and on several other pages that discuss the advantages and disadvantages of certain other payment methods. Next, we also discuss why there is such a pressure on bingo hall to conduct responsible and sustainable business.

The second element that is part of this website on bingo sites, is the specific requirement that should be met by bingo halls that operate online. Due to the question of responsibility and trust in technical solutions, there is a huge pressure on these bingo sites to offer services in a way that both benefits consumers and the sites themselves. There has to be a proper conducting of business, without letting the consumers down and also without loosing profitability out of sight. The standards that apply to bingo halls which such missions are also part of this website.

How payment methods influence accessibility and consumer happiness
Why is a payment method relevant for discussion on this website? Without payment methods and banking tools, the bingo sites would not be able to offer their services to consumers worldwide. The basis of a payment method is that it allows for a transfer of money from the bank account of a (future) player to his or her real money account at the bingo hall. Without such a mechanism, players would not be able to credit their real money accounts and to play in the bingo hall. That’s why we made a list of elements that should be included in a means of transferring money from a e-Wallet, bank account or credit card into the real money account of a player.

First on this list is the user freedom of certain payment tools. While everyone is more or less familiar with debit cards, credit cards, online banking and the like, a payment method used online remains somewhat new. That’s why such a payment procedure should be easy to comprehend and be flexible and clear to meet the expectations that players have on this payment method. Second, certain payment methods help to understand and focus on certain issues regarding safety and the like. We need to use only the payment methods that meet the requirements as we settle them for payment methods. On basis of these important criteria, we’ve selected a couple of payment methods for further discussion. These payment methods are listed on this website.


Why Bingo Halls must meet certain requirements
When a players start playing online bingo, he or she is about to start playing in environment that is solely based on trust. As a player you must assume that the bingo hall meets certain requirements and that business is conducted in a way that is fair, honest and transparent. If this is not the case, your experience with this fine game will probably not be as it should. Therefore, we made a list with different conditions that have to be met by an online bingo site in order to have a safe and sound gaming experience at that particular place. On basis of these conditions, we also selected a couple of bingo websites where playing your favourite games should be easy and pleasant.

The conditions on basis of which we made our selection, are listed below. First, we focused on the reputation of the online bingo hall. In the selection we made, only bingo halls with proper reputations and a good image at the general public made it to the last couple of bingo sites we’ve selected. Second, we put our attention to the games available at the bingo hall. The better the games available, the more likely we would select the particular bingo site for a review on this website. Third, we’ve had a look at the different payment methods that are available at those bingo halls. Presence of several payment methods indicates that the bingo site offers a good value for money.